The Solution Forum is a framework to bring together key solution providers, gatekeepers, and influencers to create, strengthen, and facilitate solutions on agreed upon issues/projects that require broad based participation of experts, resources, and people.

The engaging and interactive approach of the Solution Forum is based upon a commitment to move from idea to solution on issues that impact people.

The focused intention of the Solution Forum is designed to create a path of travel for developing ideas, solutions, and funding pathways, by addressing issues that require innovation and collaboration. The definition of success of Solution Forum gathering is to conclude with a specific action plan to generate results on the identified Solution Forum initiative.

Future Forums

Seattle Community Engagement Forum

Belief Series Forum

Past Forums

Ambassadors of Compassion Mentoring Forum | February 23-24, 2016 | Los Angeles, CA

Ambassadors of Compassion Solution Forum | September 1-2, 2015 | Los Angeles, CA

The definition of success of the Solution Forum gathering is to conclude with a specific action plan to generate results on the identified initiatives, issues, and tasks.

• Relationships – Building and fostering on-going journey with people
• Results – Discovering and coming to identifiable paths of travel on Solution Forum initiatives
• Time – Solution Forum   will not waste or misuse the valued time our participants
• Follow through – Establishing a get it done climate in all participants
• Creativity – Bringing new ideas that fosters innovation
• Idea wrestling – A willingness to stay on the mat for discovering the best possible solution
• Research and Assessment – Taking ideas through a committed path of information and function
• Thoughts; not opinions – establishing a model to draw out the best in people – insight with passion
• Perspective – Seeking to see an issue through another sense – the broadening of personal viewpoints
• Due diligence – Utilizing a process to ensure solution – moving from ideas to action
• Focused passion – Providing a healthy platform where passion can coexist with varying viewpoints and views
• Mutually beneficial relationships and activities – Experiencing a meeting that is truly a win-win scenario

Priorities and Goals
The  priorities and goals of the Solution Forum is to create a pathway that allows for identified solution pathways for organizations and groups to be integrated into real-time action by assembling talented, high capacity, and proven individuals to find solutions on identified topics, issues, or projects.

Solution Forum Constructs
The Solution Forum produces research, assessments, topic information, studies, program or concept models, funding pathways, technical assistance, and an evaluation process to bring programmatic solutions and implementation pathways to an agreed upon topic or issue that impacts the broader community and multiple sectors in society.

Solution Forum Structure
• Facilitator
• An approved location and day of event schedule will be developed
• Clear communication of direction, discussions, and follow-up will be established