People Matter

A bedrock of CompleMentor is that people matter. Each individual engaged with CompleMentor will know they matter and will discover how to affirm this principle in others.

Helping others win is how you win. (what’s in it for me)

Even the most unselfish altruistic person has a time of personal need that requires strategic investment. CompleMentor will help you become better in life and leadership which will free you to give even more to others and the efforts yourself to.

Personal Space (7 inches)

Breath Mints – Most people do not get close enough to need a breath mint with people. CompleMentor will enter your personal space to improve your life and leadership. We are up close and professionally personal.



Growing Leaders

Whether you are an individual that is desirous to improve your life, or your company needs expertise to move the ball forward, CompleMentor is designed to help you do just that by providing professionals in multiple arenas that most people and organizations need support in at one point in the journey.

I Love My Life

This is the statement we are seeking to hear from all our clients at the CompleMentor within 6 months of their CompleMentor experience.

Connect the Dots

Everyone seeks to be able to do this. CompleMentor will help you connect the dots in the areas of your personal growth, professional development, and the life priorities we all have to address.



Personal Discovery

Lasting positive change is a desire for everyone. CompleMentor will help you discover the pathways to travel in aligning the mission and methods you are using everyday.


All of us seek to be on mission in life. To discover a sense of destiny that matches our desires and capabilities. CompleMentor will help get you on mission in life and leadership.


It is a known fact that a person’s signature is one of the distinguishing marks on a person’s life. It is also true that each of us want to feel that our unique signature is being imprinted in life and leadership. CompleMentor can help you do just that.

Insight & Perspective

At some point in life, everyone needs a healthy dose of perspective and insight to keep ourselves on track with the priorities we desire to see accomplished in our life and leadership. CompleMentor is designed to provide you with expert insight in a multiplicity of life and leadership areas of need.

There is more to discover

You will embark on a new quest through CompleMentor as you explore ways to enjoy current life moments, grow and move forward in a positive direction, and build your life, leadership, and legacy.



Personal Journey

Doesn’t happen overnight – All of us realize that we cannot address all the required needs and responsibilities overnight. it requires a commitment to the journey of growth and improvement. CompleMentor will enable you to have a plan of action to do just that.

Good and trusted advice is hard to find

There is something special about having a place where you can trust the intention and the result. CompleMentor is a place where if we don’t know the answer, we will search high and low with you to discover the answers you need. CompleMentor comes alongside, helps, and improves your life and leadership. It is a solution based firm.

4th Place

The space to uncage who you are (freedom) no resistance – we all seek to discover and experience that place in life and leadership that unleashes our sense of purpose and accomplishment. CompleMentor will help you get on a solution path to live in your fourth place, a place of freedom that energizes your life and those around you.