The CompleMentor is a life-action design firm with the focused intention to support leaders and their teams by focusing personal and professional priorities that accelerate growth. This is accomplished by implementing The CompleMentor life-action grid developed by Monty L. Hipp.

The life-action grid takes you through a journey in three primary areas: personal growth, professional development, and life priorities. This is accomplished by working with one of The CompleMentor life-action grid trainers over an agreed amount of time.

Additionally, there are moments when situations and challenges demand a focused and professional response requiring immediate results. The CompleMentor can help you in a wide range of areas with professionals and experts to bring a focused solution. This allows you to maintain the overall focus on growth and improvement while addressing the “situation at hand” with a level of expertise and professionalism that moves you toward the needed outcomes.


At our core is the priority we place on people and their journey

The core ingredient for the CompleMentor process – truth in a safe environment

In partnership with clients and CompleMentors

Openness that fosters input, growth, and accurate perspectives

Acting on the agreed upon direction without hesitation or delay

The transformation that happens when new perspectives and directives are acted upon

Seeing the proof of our work with people